Monday, November 17, 2008

Whale Shark

Never seen a guy so excited about whale shark poo. No, seriously.

Dr Meekan, who is based at the Darwin office of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, was followed by the Natural World team as he has carried out his research on these mysterious fish.

He said: "It does seem rather weird, someone being so excited about seeing whale shark poo. And I'm pretty certain that this is the first time it has been filmed.

"But it is pretty rare - they are usually doing their business down in much deeper water."

He described the faeces that the team collected as "scientific gold".

The BBC website has a report including both the footage of the whale shark taking a dump (Woo! That made my morning!) as well as footage of the attachment of a camera to the shark. I found it interesting when Dr. Meekan says "there's a number of behaviours I can't explain." Like the whale shark doing a tail-stand and sinking into the ocean. What is up with that?

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