Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day

Yes, the rest of Canada is in a deep freeze. No, we really don't understand winter on the West Coast. Fine. But I'm still going to walk you through a day in the snow in the land where it's still exciting when snow falls (just like Vegas *giggle*snort*guffaw*teehee*).

Twisted hazel tree in the snow
Twisted Hazel Tree

This twisted hazel is near Paula's parent's place. We were over there this morning having brunch with them and then walking home.

Paula in the parking lot

Paula, standing here wetsuit free again, was well dressed for the weather. Unfortunately, the weather had warmed overnight and into the morning, leaving her somewhat overdressed. I was wearing a microfibre base layer and a fleece pullover. With a toque and gloves, I was dressed well enough for the day. I did have a windproof coat in my pack, but never had to pull it out.

Mt. Tolmie from Cedar Hill Xroad

the city really isn't prepared for snow like this. A light dusting, maybe a centimetre, but not fifteen centimetres. Things tend to shut down.

The Snow Fight

Not everything, mind. These kids, on their way from somewhere to somewhere, decided that a snow fight was in order. And were having a lot of fun. Just like this guy:

Another cool day

Or these two making a snowman:

Snowman 1

It may not be obvious, but this snowman sported a moustache made of candy canes (a bit Snidely Whiplash, but soooo cool!) and is holding his 1 Wood for a game of snow golf. They were having quite a giggle, too.
We continued our walk-- a bit longer than usual, as the university hadn't got 'round to clearing the sidewalks yet, so we had to go around--past our kid's old elementary school

Campus View Elementary School

and back to MacKenzie Ave. Everywhere we walked today, at least a half dozen people had walked before. This didn't mean that the sidewalks were clear, or even well-packed, but I was impressed that so many people were out walking.
By the time we headed up MacKenzie toward the house, the wind was picking up a bit. Or maybe just getting better at picking us out. Whatever, it meant that it did get a bit colder as we walked.

Cadboro Bay from Sinclair Hill

But there are things that make the cold fall away. Like this view; I stop almost every time that I walk down the hill, astonished that I actually live here (actually, right down at the bottom near the water). And people like our neighbours:

The Giant Snowman

Here they are building a snowman in front of their house. Seldom have I seen a snowman this tall. Even Curtis was impressed with what he and his daughter had done. It was over 2 metres tall!
Did Paula go kayaking today? Well, here's a photo of her Eliza:

Eliza in the snow

Yeah, not so much. Don't you love the way the snow has warmed over the day and slumped off the front of the Eliza?
The walk was almost enough exercise, but instead of going out on the water, we walked over to our local (in this case, Starbucks rather than the pub) and read for an hour or so over coffee/tea/whatever and chatted with our various neighbours who dropped by.
That's Victoria--snow days are days that are still fun. We don't get them that often, so when we do, we take the time to enjoy them. Don't you wish you lived here?

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