Monday, December 29, 2008

Water Stress

The Telegraph is reporting on a new report from the Environment Agency that some 24 million people in Britain and Wales are in areas of "water stress;" that is, an area where a bad year for rainfall means there simply will not be enough water.
"[The report] warns that many rivers, lakes, estuaries and aquifers are already
being drained so low that there is a danger to wildlife and a risk to
public supplies in dry years." It also warns that these households have less water available per person than the populations of Morocco and Egypt have. Average water use in the UK is 148 litres/day with a high of 170 litres/day in the south-east of England.
And global climate change is just getting started. Here on Vancouver Island, we get plenty of precipitation during the winter, but it must be carefully managed to get us through the two to three months a year when we get no appreciable rainfall. Worldwide, not only do we not have a lot of room to manoeuvre, but in many places we've no room left at all.

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