Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Traditions

Well, just one actually. And this is only the third year of it, so maybe not even tradition yet. But what the heck, it was time for my annual polar bear dip.
It's not that New Year's Day is the only time I find myself in the ocean, it's just that it's about the only time I do it in a bathing suit instead of a wetsuit and/or paddle gear. Pretty typically, this is what I do:

Doing the "hero" pose in Caddy Bay, New Year's 2009

I head out into the bay and pose for a shot, then I duck under the water (way colder once your head goes under!) and then get the heck out. After all, by this point my testicles are firmly tucked up under my chin.... But it seems that this new tradition is infectious, too:

Paula in Cadboro Bay, New Year's Day 2009

This year Paula decided to give it a try--well, she was waist deep before I took this picture, but the whole "ducking under" thing just wasn't on.
But this year I added a little spin to things. Rather than the "duck under" bit, I thought I'd try a swim. When you're trying to understand hypothermia, this sort of thing really helps.

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