Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fisheries, Oceans, and Northern Gateway

Leaked chart via The Vancouver Sun
The Vancouver Sun reports:
In what critics call an unprecedented step, the department has listed a “Northern Gateway Liaison” at a top level of its organizational chart, under a reorganization prompted by the 2012 budget’s sweeping Fisheries Act amendments.
The position will report directly to the executive director of the National Ecosystems Management Branch at the department’s headquarters.
“This suggests an unprecedented level of access and engagement for a specific project,” said Green party leader Elizabeth May, who in the 1980s was a senior adviser to a federal environment minister. “This is the reality of a government that has told the bureaucracy, ‘be prepared to make sure this project goes through.’”
B.C. NDP MP Fin Donnelly, his party’s deputy fisheries critic, said he’s never heard of a company getting such special treatment. “This clearly exposes the Harper Conservative oil pipeline agenda. They are putting the oil industry ahead of fishing, tourism and all other industries.”
But the press secretary for acting Fisheries Minister Gail Shea said the organizational chart included in the email, sent in late October to employees, and signed by deputy minister Claire Dansereau, “mischaracterized” the position.
Right. "Mischaracterized." Isn't that what this government says every friggin' time they get busted on something?

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