Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poisoned Waters

Poisoned Waters is a report from PBS' Frontline that looks at just how our waters are being poisoned. The same problems discussed here in the context of the US are problems we face here in Canada as well; pollution from household products, drugs in our urine, and the like.
Chapter 1 of the program:

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The programme's look at Puget Sound should have particular resonance to those of us living in BC--particularly here in Victoria.
Smith also investigates the state of Puget Sound's environment, where decades of pollution have endangered such species as orca whales, whose carcasses have shown high levels of cancer-causing PCBs.
"We thought all the way along that [Puget Sound] was like a toilet: What you put in, you flush out," says Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire, who notes that about 150,000 pounds of untreated toxins find their way into Puget Sound each day. "We [now] know that's not true. It's like a bathtub: What you put in stays there."
The entire programme is available for online viewing.

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